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Rejuvenating Mask-蓝莓面膜

Pacific Maple Blueberry Rejuvenating Mask




  • 高含量的VC,有助于强化血管,修复破损的毛细血管和皮肤表面下的“蜘蛛静脉”;使皮肤油脂水平正常化,在保持皮肤健康方面起着重要作用。
  • 抗氧化剂可以延缓皮肤衰老,增加皮肤营养及弹性,延年益寿,调护肌肤,令肌肤犹如新生;
  • 丰富的花青素含量,让皮肤变得红润、白皙、有光泽。改善脸色暗淡,皮肤松弛等问题,对于色斑,色素沉着都有显著效果;
  • 蓝莓提取物可激发皮肤本身的营养再生,快速去除黑色素,加快皮肤吸收,是皮肤超级保养圣品。



Blueberries are known to be a berry rich in fibre, vitamins A、C, antioxidants and anthocyanins. Meanwhile, blueberries are also miracle fruits of preventing acne, blemishes, pimples and uneven skin tone. Using the most luxurious blueberry extract in the world as the main raw material, the effect is excellent, with no hormones, rich in nutrients, and has a good health care effect, especially a wonderful choice for females.

• High levels of VC help strengthen blood vessels, repair broken capillaries and “spider veins” beneath the skin surface; normalize skin oil levels and play an important role in maintaining skin health.

• Antioxidants can delay skin ageing, increase skin nutrition and elasticity, prolong life, protect skin, and make skin look like new life

• Rich anthocyanin content, leaving skin rosy, fair and shiny. Improves dullness, sagging skin, etc., and has a significant treating effect on pigmentation.

• Blueberry extract stimulates the skin's nutrient regeneration, quickly removes melanin, accelerates skin absorption, because of which this is a super skin-care product.

Blueberry mask is very convenient to use when you are travelling. This makes your skin look white in a short time, so that your skin will be refreshed and renewed right after the application.


木浆工艺Wood Pulp Biotechnology



Different from the most common and cheapest crude fibre masks on the market today, Pacific Maple Group invents a type of advanced wood pulp mask by the modernist biotechnology. The pulp mask has a finer texture than the ordinary fibre mask, and wood pulp material has an excellent water absorption ability, which makes it a good fitting coverage on the skin. The wetted mask sheet forms a thermally induced flow, thereby expanding pores and enhancing the absorption of the essence. Furthermore, the moisture and essence are not easy to be evaporated, since wood pulp mask provides a good water-blocking resistance on the surface of the skin, which effectively achieves the skin care of hydrating.



Natural wood pulp texture, super hydrating ability, luxury blueberry broccoli rapid whitening, light and soft super-adhesive experience, and 3D ergonomic cutting design bringing the high-efficiency essence introduction.



All the perfection of a mask you can imagine.

Waiting for you to experience!